Final Post

Wow! What a wonderful experience! I have never been part of an online community before and this has truly been an awesome experience. I loved sharing and exploring the thoughts of others. Although it’s indirect and not “live”, I still felt like I was a part of something special.

  • What you learned about yourself as a writer?

I have learned that I have a lot more to share than I thought. I was so sure my only avenue was through my creative writing, but sometimes a simple writing connects just as effectively.

  • What you learned about digital writing?

What I learned is that digital writing is incredibly beneficial. I could use this method in the future to keep my students writing as well as connected with each other outside of class. This builds a community between the students that could last a lifetime.

  • What lessons you can take to classroom or share with future teachers about integrating blogging into instruction?

The main lesson is that it keeps the students writing outside of the class.Digital writing has its benefits since it is more flexible than the writing done in the classroom. The students have more liberty to express themselves which will open them up in their formal writing.

  • Challenges? Successes

I believe the challenge is keeping up consistently with blogging and commenting each week. It is easy to fall behind with everything else going on. The success I believe is all the writing that is produced in the first place. What a wonderful thing!



One thought on “Final Post

  1. I think your writing out of class note is especially important. We talk all the time about making sure students read read read…but they will never have enough time to write write write and develop as writers unless we provide time and space outside of class. I have enjoyed reading your words! Keep in touch!


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