Poetic Prose

For this open post, I’m going to post a poem. I have been told that I’m a bit lyrical with my work so this will be just that… but poetry is truly a pure passion of mine. I hope someone somewhere falls in love with these words.


“Signs of Wonder”

If this question ever plants itself in the root of your toes, then try to spread arms and legs, extending branches bearing leaves of doubt, remember the arms I use to hold you. If this question locks your knees as you walk on water, forcing you to drown in lost thoughts of what could be, keeping you from stepping out of the darkness into the light, remember how I call your name in the whispers of the wind. If this question tightens the cave of your womb, planting seeds of uncertainty, impregnating you with images of unfaithfulness, cramping your ability to fight it, remember the pot where we poured equal parts of ourselves, mixed like salt and sugar to create life. If this question finds its way to your chest, replacing the blood pumping into your major organs with fabrications of your mind, filtered through open valves, then spreading, like untamed flames of a forest untouched by rain, remember the sparks of joy when we touch. If this question overwhelms your senses, then erupts with force from your chest, into your lungs then out through your breath, as you whisper in evident distress “do you still love me?” My chest will collapse, smiling to paint the relief of your wonder, kiss your hand then hold it into everlasting.

“I’m here, aren’t I?”


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