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1.Are you a digital native, visitor, or resident?  How do you live your tech life?

I am definitely a digital native. I believe I use technology on such a regular basis that it has become a staple in my life. I have reached the point where I don’t know if I can be able to teach a class without the influence of technology to some extent.

  1. Tech Tools to Enhance Student Learning: Visit each site. Consider some of the tools that I have used with my students. (These are not all of them just a sample.) Think about how you might use each one to reach out to students, parents, or the community. Choose one and write about it.

I believe the most beneficial one that I have seen used is the screen cast-o-matic. This particular bit of technology has helped me in certain classes when I was confused about something. The teacher would record video of their screen detailing the steps to something regarding the class and it helped me to be able to do it on my own. This method was usually used with software required for the class that most people were confused about using. This method also allowed me to watch the teacher grade my writing, helping me to see his thought process as he graded. I look forward to being able to use this method in my classroom with certain software and helping students see how certain things are done. Screen cast-o-matic is the easiest way to model certain things for students with software as well as writing.

  1. Authentic Tasks for Students: Here are a list of a few tools that you can use with students to write virtually. Why is this important?  What are the benefits? The risks?  Write about your favorite discoveries.

I believe virtual writing is important because of the ability to model writing for the students as well as getting them involved in the editing process. I believe the students can learn a lot from this method when it comes to brainstorming and understanding how and why certain assignments are graded a certain way. The only risk I can see is potential misinterpretation. Since the internet doesn’t come with much voice, sometimes text is left up to interpretation, which can sometimes cause friction among students and even with the teacher. My favorite discovery is which allows for students and teachers to brain storm on a chart or map. The brainstorming for writing is such a crucial step before the actual writing takes place. This step also helps with expressing ideas about the reading they do which is great. The students can see each other’s ideas as well as being guided by the teacher.

  1. What Lies Ahead? Check out what is going on in the teacher-tech world. Review Jane Hart’s Slideshare Top Tech Tools for Educators 2015 and see what teachers are using around the world.  Write about what you notice about the tools that educators are using around the world.

I looked over the slideshare to the top 100 tools for educators and I thought it was so interesting that the tools being used were everyday online tools that we use constantly. It is interesting to discover how these tools can be used to benefit a lesson in a classroom. It makes the teacher think outside of the box when it comes to how these methods can be used for students.

  1. Review this digital tool version of Bloom’s Taxonomy below. Based on what you have done today and what you understand about Bloom’s Taxonomy, explain what teachers need to consider as they integrate technology?

I believe, with Bloom’s Taxonomy in mind, teachers can better facilitate the different levels involved. The internet in general gives teachers multiple outlets to see to it that the students hit their target. Bloom put an emphasis on creation which is also very important in the online world, giving the students the confidence to do so without it being out of the norm for them.

  1. Based on your exploration what will you try next?

I think of all the technology I’ve discovered in this, I am most looking forward to screen cast-o-matic. I have always wondered how teachers were able to pull that off. I didn’t know about the program for it and I look forward to being able to use it in my classroom.


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  1. Yes…there are so many tools that are helpful! I like SOM so much. You can have your own channel for learning! Good work thinking about the role of technology in your classroom and how it has helped you as a student.


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