Trials and Triumphs

I finally started my first day of service learning yesterday and I was so excited and so nervous to be in a classroom. I have been in my husband’s band classroom but that doesn’t involve as much lecturing as an English class. I met the teacher for the first time which was interesting. The first thing she told me was “we cuss in this class.” I laughed at how bold and upfront she was, but it meant she was going to be an interesting instructor. I truly enjoyed observing her with the students. She seemed to get on their level and embrace their struggles as teenagers. Not only that but she embraced their differences and their experiences as people. She was teaching new vocabulary and she was able to connect the words to their everyday life which made it so easy for them to remember the definition of the words. I quizzed one of the students later on to discover that she still remembered some of the words. I look forward to being a good teacher one day, but most importantly, I look forward to being a memorable teacher!


3 thoughts on “Trials and Triumphs

  1. I’m happy you’re enjoying your internship experience so far! Your mentor teacher sounds great, Is that a high school class? Being in my internship this semester has me looking forward to the future as well. I can’t wait to begin in my own classroom. Good luck!


  2. This sounds just like my supervising internship teacher. She also treats the kids like teen adults and lets them cuss in the classroom. It was shocking at first but now I see the value it holds in building her relationships and being able to connect personally with the students. They respect her because they feel like they can be themselves in the classroom and its a breath of fresh air in their school day. I’m glad you had a pleasant and memorable first day of service learning 🙂


  3. Interesting! Everyone has an approach that works for them with their students. I tend to approach cursing in my class as teaching kids about audience and purpose…how would you conduct yourself in an academic setting and workplace. They need practice. Of course, purposefully cursing can be well-placed in writing too. The key is to make sure you are doing what works in your teaching setting and with your kids. I am glad that you are having an enjoyable experience. The work is too hard to not enjoy it!


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